School Tours:

School tours of Odyssey are available every Tuesday and Thursday, from 9-11 AM. No appointment necessary. If you need a different time, please contact the front office.

All kindergartners and new students need to provide the following:

1. Birth Certificate
2. Immunization Record
3. Vision Screening-kindergarten and students from out of state

All items must be turned into the front office BEFORE the first day of school-no exceptions.
Odyssey Charter School is a public school and does not require tuition. Odyssey Charter School opened September 2005 and serves 550 students Kindergarten through 6th Grade. To apply for enrollment, prospective families must read and complete an Intent to Register (ITR) form. The ITR contains an overview of Odyssey Charter School, some general policies, and a registration form.Please Note:  Kindergartners must be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2016, in order to attend Odyssey Charter School for the 2015-16 school year.
Open enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year will begin on December 1st, 2016.  The first lottery for the 2017-18 school year will be held February 3rd, 2017.  Notification letters will be sent out following each lottery.  Lotteries will be held every 2 weeks starting March 1st, 2017.

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All Odyssey families, continuing students or new students, must complete the following 2 enrollment steps.  If you have any questions on these instructions, please contact the front office at office@odysseycharter.net.


Step #1 – Update Family Account Online

Continuing families must update their account by February 1, 2017.  Don’t forget to enroll your new kindergartener.  Do not create a new account to add your kindergartener, simply add them to your family account. You may contact the office if you’ve forgotten your password or need assistance accessing the online database.  To finalize enrollment for the coming school year, continuing families must also complete a registration packet each year. 

Step #2 – Registration Days

Registration for those accepted in the first lottery will be February 21st thru 24th.

During our 4 registration days, EACH FAMILY will be responsible to fill out and hand in their registration papers.   If you do not complete a registration packet during this time, your position will be given to a student on our waitlist.

Enrollment Lottery FAQ’s

Because charter schools are funded primarily with state and federal money, we are required to follow strict (and often confusing) guidelines in order to ensure that we are being non-discriminatory and impartial in our enrollment. Please ask at the front desk if you have questions or concerns about the process.

Lotteries occur only when enrollment exceeds the capacity of the charter school. Therefore, lotteries ensure fairness and impartiality in student registration when enrollment requests exceed the capacity of the school. If enrollment requests were to be at or below the school’s capacity, there would be no lottery because all students who properly apply must be accepted.

No.  A charter school is part of the public education system and must be open to all students, without discrimination, on the same basis as other public schools. If the number of students applying to enroll in a charter school exceeds the capacity of the school or of programs, classes, or grade levels within the school, then those to be admitted are chosen at random (at OCS, a computer-generated lottery) from among the applicants, subject to certain preferences. According to our charter, the following preferences apply at Odyssey:

  • Students whose parents were actively involved in the development of the charter school (Founders)
  • Students returning from the previous school year
  • Students who have a sibling currently attending the charter school
  • Students whose parent is a licensed classroom teacher in the charter school

If they are not admitted immediately, our computer lottery assigns a priority number for each student on the waiting list. Students are withdrawn from school for many reasons; for example, it is typical to see a turnover of between 5 and 10 students in a single grade in the weeks after school starts. Enrollment is offered to the next student on the waiting list as soon as we have notice of a withdrawal. If a parent turns down an offer, we move to the next on the waiting list until the position is filled.

It is rare that all students on the sibling preference list are not offered enrollment within the first few weeks of school. State law allows us to give a preference to the siblings of admitted students. This means no matter the sibling’s original wait list number, when they have a sibling enrolled they are moved to a separate “sibling preference list”.   If there are no immediate openings, these siblings are given a new priority on this waiting list. At Odyssey, we give every effort to enroll families together as soon as possible within the requirements of the law.

December  thru February  is the first opportunity to register for the next school year. The first lottery will be held in February  You may register after February and your student(s) will be included in subsequent lotteries and added to the end of the existing waiting list.
Within 30 days, you will be notified by mail of the results of a lottery. You will receive a letter of acceptance or a waitlist number. If you have a change of mailing address, please be sure to update your online account in order to receive your letter.You must complete and turn in to the front desk all required registration materials before the letter’s stated deadline or the position will be given to the next student on the waiting list.