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October 11, 2016
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Dear Parents,

Odyssey provides many incentives.  We encourage students for good behavior and citizenship as well as for academics and many things in-between.  Our HEROES program encourages students to exhibit heroic character traits.  Last year we implemented a program in which students could earn a wristband each month for earning 100% on each of the following five points every day of the month.

1.       In attendance

2.       Arriving on time

3.       Remaining at school the entire day

4.       Wearing the correct uniform

5.       Doing your best work

We will continue that program with a few minor changes.  Instead of awards being the last three days of the month, they will take place the first two days of the following month.  Wristbands cannot be taken away once earned.  We understand that students get sick and they do not have total control of when they arrive at school.  However, our goal is to help students become aware of the importance of being at school on time and being here every day.  As we focus on the five things above, we see improvement in attendance, proper uniforms, and students doing their best work in class.  If students did not earn a wristband this month, there are 7 more months in which a wristband can be earned.

Thank you for supporting your student and helping them be the best they can be!

Brooke Austin

Assistant Director

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