Committee Chairs 2017-2018

Volunteer Coordinator — Lani Mathews
CET’s — Megan Carpenter
Room Parents — Rachel Draudt
School Events — Debbie Gulledge
Appreciation — Laura Jones
After-School Programs
Office — Pam Sintay
HRP — Megan Oldham
Book Fairs — Jordan Lehnhof
Battle of the Books — Erin Hughes
Library — Susan Beckstrand
Lunch — Tana Buss
Box Tops – Celeste Kimball

Carnival – Heather Sutherland

Parents As Partners

volunteerWe believe that parents are the primary teachers of their children. Parents are encouraged to take an active role volunteering in many aspects of the school, and are key to the success of many of our programs and educational enrichment activities. Research shows that parental involvement in a child’s education is the number one determinant of student success. Parents find a welcoming community at Odyssey, and enjoy particpating in the education of their child.

Parent Involvement

Two-parent families are encouraged to volunteer 40 hours in a school year, and one-parent families 20 hours. We have no “PTA”. Instead, structure is provided by specialized parent committees. We have many parent committees such as Curriculum Enhancement Teams, Room Parents, School Events, After School Programs and Office Support. Committee structure allows parents to focus on specific interests and ensures volunteer opportunities for everyone.

How to Report Volunteer Hours

Having an accurate account of family volunteer hours is important:

(1) as an indicator of the school’s success toward fulfilling our philosophy and

(2) as a qualifying factor for certain monetary grants.

We are continuing our electronic system. This system allows you to clock in and out right at the school without trying to keep track of your own hours.  This system is also our student check in and out forms.  You will also be able to enter your hours worked from home on the program at school.  For those of you that would rather enter your hours at home you may visit this website: www.helpcounter.net/volunteer

Every month families will receive a e-mail listing the hours that have been reported. This is the time for you to correct any mistakes or update your record. Please email volunteer@odysseycharter.net with any corrections.

Parent Involvement at Odyssey: Where We are Going

Why Volunteer?   Because we all get smarter kids with a better education that costs less.

Parents who seek to enroll their children at Odyssey Charter School do so with the understanding that their volunteer involvement is necessary to the success of their child’s education and of the school.

Minimum volunteer hours each year (June through May):

40 hours for a two-parent family

20 hours for a one-parent family


Odyssey Charter School highly encourages parent involvement with three goals:

1) Student Achievement: Research shows that the #1 indicator of children’s success in school is not family income or money allotted per pupil or class size. The surest way to help your child succeed is . . . for them to see you involved at their school.

2) Improvement of Educational Content: When parents donate their positive energy and unique skills at our school, every child is strengthened. Do you paint with watercolors or know a state representative or work as a helicopter pilot? From your participation, our children’s mutual educational experience can be exponentially enhanced.

3) More Efficient Use of Funds: We receive the same amount of money per child as do other public schools. However, our chosen goals and curricula demand extra resources! The only ways we have to make up this difference are through fundraising and parent volunteers performing tasks or providing services that we would otherwise have to pay for.

Our Plan to Get There

Cortney Schelin is Odyssey’s Volunteer Coordinator. If you have a question or concern related to volunteering, she is your first stop. She can be emailed at volunteer@odysseycharter.net,. 

To sign up for Parent Volunteer Committees, go to VolunteerSpot at http://vols.pt/WA1Ko4 and enter your email address (you will NOT need to register an account on VolunteerSpot.  Once you have done this, simply sign up.  VolunteerSpot will send you an automated confirmation and reminders.

Note:  VolunteerSpot does not share your email address with anyone.  If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@odysseycharter.net and you can be signed up manually.

Volunteer Opportunities: The Adventure Begins

Since the desire for more meaningful participation is a primary reason that many parents seek out charter schools, OCS will foster positive relationships with families and help their volunteer experiences be worthwhile and enjoyable.

Parents are encouraged to volunteer for committees according to their interests. Volunteer committees are as follows:

  • Curriculum Enhancement Teams (CET) — Teams present FUN academic events to celebrate the children completing major areas of study.
  • Room Parents — Assist the teacher in organizing the volunteer needs for parents in the classroom: class projects/parties, work with grade-level CET, etc.
  • Fundraising — Carnival, Boxtops/Campbell’s Soup fundraisers, etc.
  • Community Involvement Volunteer — Help provide service opportunities in our community as well as advertising.
  • Library — Assist our school librarian.  This includes the book fair, home reading program, class shifts, shelving and processing Library books.
  • School Events — This includes Uniform Exchange, Spelling Bee, Science Fair, Halloween History Assembly, Field Day, Dance Festival and more.
  • Safety — Assist Business Manager with safety issues at the school like monthly fire drills, evacuation, annual CPR class.
  • Technology — Be a resource for the Business Manager to help with IT-related issues. These may range from virus and spyware protection updates, website and data base administration and VOIP.
  • Appreciation — Work with a team of volunteers to help show appreciation to all at Odyssey including staff and volunteers.  Plan Appreciation Banquet in March.
  • After-School Programs — Organize and oversee fabulous after-school programs.