If you are looking to carpool with other parents, please visit our carpool page:

Carpooling Process

Thank you to all those who have chosen the “road less traveled” and found themselves carpooling with the masses to Odyssey Charter School!

Odyssey Charter School relies solely upon parents to drop-off and pick-up their children from school each day. Every family at Odyssey Charter School is assigned a carpool number.  Odyssey Charter School will give out 2 stickers to each family at the time of enrollment. You may purchase additional blank stickers at the front desk for $1.00.

Stickers are placed under the rear view mirror of each vehicle that will be picking up students at the end of the day. Your children need to know their carpool number & color so they know where to assemble after school. Because we have hundreds of children to be picked up each day, we have developed a system that is both safe and efficient, but it requires your support and patience.


Drop-off Process

To safely and efficiently drop off the children in the morning, please do the following:

  • Students may be dropped off after 8:15 A.M.
  • Before pulling into a drop-off zone, please ensure that the children are ready to exit your vehicle. (Coats on, backpacks in hand, and kisses planted.)
  • Please pull forward as far as you can before dropping off the children.
  • Please drop off the children only in the drop-off zones (not on the street).
  • After dropping off the children, please use the exit lane to depart.


Pick-up Process

To safely and efficiently pick-up the children after school, please do the following:

  • Please have your sticker and smile visible when approaching your zone.
  • If you are in Red Lane it is closest to the school. You will merge with the Inside Blue Lane then merge again to exit.
  • The outside Blue Lane will merge with the other lanes then U-turn to exit.
  • Please avoid parking to pick up your children during the pick-up process, as doing so will cause additional congestion.
  • During the pick-up process, please do not ask the teachers for a status report on your children.

Carpool Diagram