“We believe that little else is as important as effectively educating our children. Student, parent, and educator are all accountable for a child’s success and learning.” 

A key component to the success of Odyssey Charter School—today and into the future—is to hire qualified educators who share our mission, philosophy and vision of a classical education. OCS seeks an educational staff that values academic improvement, personifies scholastic achievement, and models teachability and synergy. We need educators who will inspire children to embark on their individual odyssey with the foundation of knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary to enjoy being independent learners for life.

Career Opportunities

All applicants are encouraged to read the following links to determine whether or not they can support the OCS philosophy and culture:

Mission & Philosophy; Special Emphasis; Curriculum; Parent Involvement

Director, teachers, staff and volunteers working with the students will undergo a background check in compliance with all state requirements.

For employment opportunities and job openings, please follow the link below for teachers-teachers.com.

Candidates can apply through http://www.teachers-teachers.com or via email by sending resumes to director@odysseycharter.net.